Monday, February 23, 2015

how to spend a rainy weekend


 Baking muesli bars with his mum.
Making friends with the rain.
Reading to his little sister.
Having tea parties with his friends.
Building rockets at the Lego exhibition at the Ipswich Gallery with his Daddy.


Sitting in a dry cafe, calmly watching her brother being ferried from the car, through the (conveniently large) cafe window!
Skyping with Auntie.
Scooching! (She's not yet rolling, which is the physical feat expected anytime now from someone her age, but instead she traverses the entire living room in her own style.)


Eating one-handed.
Scouring the neighbourhood (with my special helper) for curbside collection goodies.
Drinking tea with a friend.

Friday, February 20, 2015


He tells her "Look!" and, when he has her attention, expertly shows her how to play with different toys. In this video he expertly demonstrates how to play with planes, in particular the noise that they must make as they zoom together.


She had her 4-month check-up/injections this week. She's tall - 95th percentile for height, 75th for weight. She did a huge wee (with a huge grin) during the few moments that she was lying naked, nappy-free on the scales. I noticed, a few weeks ago, that her pupils were slightly different sizes. Our GP referred her to an ophthalmologist to check it out, as this is usually fine but could possibly indicate something serious. That appointment was yesterday. The photo shows her in the waiting room, as another bub approached her for a play. After a couple of hours and a few tests, the doctor said she's fine, nothing nasty is causing it. We suspect that it is, instead, indicative of some kind of eye-related super powers. We're yet to confirm which one, but suspect any/all of the following: X-ray vision, night vision, seeing the future, Super Man laser-eyes. Any other suggestions?

I'm loving looking out of the windows at the steady rain. I'll like it less when the wind arrives tonight or tomorrow. 

Apparently B doesn't have enough time staring at screens every day so he has to capitalise on his screen-time opportunities. I took this picture last night (it's for real!).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

garden hour


 He sometimes takes some convincing to actually exit the house, with its lego, drums and puzzles, but when he does get out into the yard he's at his very best: relaxed, creative, helpful, curious. And, obviously, he refuses to come inside afterwards.

She's enjoying hanging out in the baby-cage, watching the banana trees and clouds above her, then turning to watch the people action around her.

Garden hour doesn't happen as often as it once did around here, but when it does, it's lovely. I spend a lot of time in the baby cage, too. And here are our newest residents, the native bees (white hive). We named them the Weasleys (and He named the Queen Bee 'Dorothy'). The worms in the worm farm below them are named Slytherin.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day to those we love!


He came home from daycare yesterday with a beautiful pink valentine card that he had made for his dad, me and auntie (who was staying over). He ran inside, "Mummy, I've made something for you! Will you be my vall-ey...ta... What is it again?"
He and I made love heart cookies, and he insisted on also making a love house. That's the door at the front.
While shaping the cookie dough, he caught me sneaking a taste and asked what I was doing. I told him I just had to try a little to make sure it was alright. Of course, he pinched a little off and popped it in his mouth, "Hmmm... it's not alright." Popped a little more in, "Now it's nearly alright." More, "Now it's alright, Mummy!" A minute later, "It's not alright again!" Repeat. Repeat. Whoops.

She obligingly modeled the cookies but prefers to share her love through smiles.

I spent part of yesterday afternoon mixing a batch of pink cookie dough while listening to Radio National's 'Inside Sleeve' program, a 'red' themed show for Valentine's. I had a lot of fun realising how many songs are about the colour.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

schultzfest 2015: 40-fest


 He fell instantly in love with his 'my apartment', with views of the ocean and its ships, Nanma's toys, his boat bed (queen-sized bed with a wall of pillows around the edge), a choice of TWO toilets (how fancy), a pool and, of course, the love and attention of his grandparents! He would have been happy to stay there and play 'in my apartment' for the entire weekend, though he was pretty excited about the cake and the balloons at the party!


 Her first Schultzfest!


Schultzfest was extra festive this year, with Auntie's 40th birthday celebrations. Family dinner on Friday night and big party on Saturday afternoon/evening. We were in charge of cake and decorations, which were both pretty fun. (Obviously this photo is not me, but it is the cake I made! Looking at it now, I'm wondering if two-tone freddo frogs were not the most grown-up/40-ish of decoration choices?) 
I watched the sunrise each morning, and read 'One Day' by David Nicholls (after finishing and enjoying 'Us', another of his novels, recently). I also managed a quick power-stroll to a couple of op shops on Saturday morning and another stroll to the markets on Sunday.

Friday, February 6, 2015

solo parenting

He waved 'goodbye' to Daddy and watched him leave in the taxi. However, in retelling the story to someone later, the taxi had turned into a police car. 
He formed a new band and had a lengthy jam, requesting all of the songs that he usually plays with Daddy.
He and I spent a lot of time playing games - proper games, that come in boxes and have instructions. He's starting to grasp 'snap' and a snakes-and-ladders-style board game called 'Around the World', though (wonderfully) the concept of 'winning' is lost on him, for now! His very favourite is a charades game (from his Auntie J) with cards and a spinner and it's seriously good fun.
He has also begun to, completely independently, go for a paddle in the back yard. Twice now I have watched as he has headed downstairs to the back yard, dragged out his shell pool from behind the tank, turned on the hose to fill it up, added a selection of toys, stripped his clothes off, and hopped in.

She chatted to Daddy on skype, caught her first cold, giggled when I tickled her feet and started grasping things (toys, clothes, my finger, my hair) intentionally (and putting them straight into her mouth).

It wasn't my favourite week ever. But I did have a lovely lazy lunch with friends and babies on Wednesday - the day that we all had our older munchkins in daycare!