Wednesday, May 13, 2015

book club

 Now that he is really making meaning from the text in his books, he is loving the bed time reading more than ever, sitting in bed, reading aloud to himself (well, probably to Giraffey and the rest of the menagerie) for as long as he is allowed. So turning lights out has become more of an issue and has somehow evolved into a complex routine where he has his bedroom light on for a nominated amount of minutes, then (with some warning) that light goes off but the hallway light stays on, then, after some more minutes the hallway light is turned off but the lounge room light is on. And when that is off, the aquarium light is still on... As his access to light decreases he gets sleepier and ends up falling asleep on whichever book he was working on. Theoretically. 

She and I with our books at Book Club. She still prefers eating books to reading them.

Earlier this year I started a very informal monthly Book Club at a nearby comfy cafe. Some bring kids, some don't. Some stay for hours, some pop in. Some come every month, some can't. There is no prescribed book to read. Instead, I proposed that people could choose to do any/all (or none!) of the following:
- Bring a kids' book for others to check out. 
- Bring a grown-ups' book for others to check out.
- Tell us what they've been reading (and discuss with anyone who's interested).
- Ask if anyone wants to read a particular book to discuss next time.
- Ask questions/make requests regarding books.
- Bring a book and steal a few minutes to read it!
- Drink coffee and stare out the window and ignore the rest of us and our books, silently seething and wishing the rest of us would just. stop. talking.
- Write a book.
- Eat a book.

I just love it.

Little She and I were the first to arrive at last week's Book Club, and ended up with half an hour to ourselves. I ordered a coffee, pulled out a few toys for her and put a new book on the table to show to our friends. I had a fleeting, ridiculous thought, "Hmmm, what shall we do while we wait for the others?" Thankfully I quickly realised I had the new book! The two of us sat on the couch with our books; she chewed hers and I read a chapter of mine and it was wonderful. I hope to spend many, many more half hours with her doing exactly this! (Hopefully less chewing / more reading on her part as the years roll on, but each to their own book-love!)

mothers day


 He had a day full of play, including some backyard baseball and lots of dress ups. At bath time he wrote this (pronounced 'Mama') for me, unprompted. Cute.

She was a bit snotty but managed to find lots of smiles.

I got a magical bubbly water machine from She and a teapot picture, tea bag and card from He (and his lovely daycare teachers), and a very special purple pen which He chose for me while shopping with his Daddy. It was a lovely day, spent with B's family and a skype call to my own Mom.

Friday, May 8, 2015

grandpa's visit

Lots of books and stories and playing and outings!

Lots of cuddles and cafes!

Friday, May 1, 2015


He had his first weekly Mandarin lesson at daycare on Wednesday! (I don't have a photo of the lesson, but this is his beloved daycare sandpit!)

Mandarin - she likes it, too.