Saturday, August 27, 2016

collecting leaves


  Obsession is the appropriate word here. He'll clutch his handful of beautiful leaf-treasures (with his one useful hand) for the duration of an outing (for multiple outings each day), chasing down coveted additions on the footpath with a sense of urgency, faster than he'd ordinarily prefer to move. They are all unique, beautiful and appreciated.

Before leaves, it was rocks.

Of course, she wants to do whatever he's doing.

When each outing finishes, I become the appointed custodian of the leaf-treasures and currently have them stored in bags, pockets, pram, car and multiple make-shift treasure chests in and outside the house. I'm not sure what happens next.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Lately, when he writes/draws letters, stories, recipes, activity pages, survival kits, etc., he also folds elaborate envelopes to house them. He can even fold with just his one usable arm!

After 'helping' me hang/remove/fold countless loads of laundry, she has moved slightly  closer to the point of actual helpfulness. It is now (finally) not a completely ridiculous idea to do the folding with her company/help. Yippee!

Went to see Ben Folds play with 'Y Music' at QPAC on Thursday night. I love being part of an audience singing 3 part harmonies!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

self-expression through the arts

(transcription below)



Transcription of Poem 
(He wrote the whole thing himself, while quietly sipping a babyccino at a cafe the morning after his hospital experience.)

The Hospital Poem
If you are sick and you are ick you go to the hospital,
The hospital, the hospital, oh yes you do.
Ohhh, yes you do, do do do, oh yes you do.

Hospitals are really good because they help us get better and also there is a Child Hospital and that Child Hospital helps childs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

house-sitting and share-housing

House-Sitting (for a month) means...

...playing with someone else's toys...

...exploring someone else's yard...

...sleeping in someone else's cot..:

...messing up someone else's table...

...feeling comfortable doing our normal activities in someone else's space...
...frequent visits to the op shop around the corner (here they are modeling their beads - the day's purchase)...

...using some someone else's space for my projects...

Share-housing (for a couple of weeks) means...

...having a big brother and sister and lots of shared meals (this was a 'chip-nic' in the park)... 

...dress-ups and trampolines and performances...

...after-school pick-ups... 

...having live-in babysitters - so we could head to our place, once the kids were in bed, and get a couple of hours' painting done each night...