Thursday, September 22, 2016


Having fun trying some of the experiments in his "My Body" science book. This was about touch/feeling and was pretty fun! I hid different objects in the hanging socks, and he (and she, of course) had to feel them and guess what was inside. They then enjoyed putting a selection of objects in there for Daddy to guess when he got home. 
(The bib is not related to the experiment - he put her bib on when we were cooking, instead of getting his apron.)

She's experimenting with potties and undies this week. Potty going well (although, like her brother, it turns out she's a camel and can go 4 hours without needing the pot, which means a lot less opportunities for learning each day); undies are exclusively head-wear at the moment. 


We have beautiful new sparkly stone benches in our beautiful new sparkly kitchen and wanted to see what foods to be careful of (staining). We salvaged an off-cut from the skip bin and put tea, coffee, wine, port, turmeric, food colouring, curry powder, avocado, blackberry, vanilla essence and permanent marker on - left it all there for over a week. When I wiped it with a damp cloth, all but the permanent marker (and possibly a tiny bit of turmeric yellow - depending on the light) came off pretty easily. So, phew, we don't have to be too careful.