Monday, March 28, 2016


 He woke up VERY early (for him) on Easter Saturday, which gave us two extra morning hours to get creative! His first idea was this Easter door decoration. Then we made the first batch of Easter chocolates. Next, he decorated paper and wrapped Easter presents. I'm sure there was more - it's all a blur of colour and feathers.
During breakfast on Easter Sunday he happily led the expedition to find coloured eggs hidden in the yard and share the bounty with his sister, parents and Granny.

A fascinating new taste and an important new word...
"Chok-et! Chok-et!"
She's also been saying "Appy see-staaah!"

I was determined to have chocolates for Easter! I asked a friend how she makes hers (fructose-free) by sweetening 90% cocoa Lindt chocolate. Her response outlines her very technical recipe:
"I melt chocolate over saucepan and stir in dextrose, combines great. I've used syrup but it doesn't let the chocolate set properly again. You can add as much dextrose as you need to and it'll still set. Just keep it over the saucepan until you can't see it."
Yee-haa! That's my kind of recipe! Granny and Little He both helped and we ended up with dozens of tasty dark chocolates, each with a cashew inside.

Monday, March 14, 2016

some camping highlights


Quality cousin time with Pa's birthday bubblewrap.
Much time spent doing exactly what he would have been doing at home, but on a different drawing table.

 Bike, family, food.


Delightful Woodford op shop.
Delightful wine game!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

wild things

Our favourite book shop, Where the Wild Things Are (where we attend Story Time each week), had its first birthday celebrations this weekend, including a visit from REAL wild things. He had a quick look at the creatures but then spied a book from the Pearlie series that he hadn't yet read, so sat in the corner and worked his way through it. He's a wild one.

She was very excited to see so many wild creatures that she could name and touch. Snake! Owl hoot hoot! Crocodile snap! Frog jump jump jump! Bird flap flap!

I'm so wild! I had an evening out with a friend last night and didn't get home until TEN PM! It's true! Wild. We ate dinner at The Burrow and were particularly impressed with the menus made from picture books (the stories are still in there).