Friday, September 25, 2015

from room to room

He has recently become concerned about the lack of light in his room at night - there's 'something' in there. A few nights ago, he independently solved the problem by moving his 'bed' to underneath the bathroom light, which we currently leave dimmed low - but still on - at night. I found him here in the morning, fast asleep. 
He now has a solar lamp that he can charge during the day and leave on in his room at night.

After a couple of months of (increasingly successful) short attempts at independent walking, she has become very comfortable toddling alone from room to room at home. And she is SO PROUD of herself. She generally prefers to be carrying something special while wandering. Yesterday it was TWO of her brother's hats.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

busy month


- made a sign for our mailbox (his own idea).
- made chocolate brownie fudge for Fathers' Day.
- had his hair braided by one of the kindy teachers, who always has a long line of 'clients' waiting for her hairstyling services when we arrive there in the mornings.
- grabbed his doctor kit when he heard that his auntie was sick, and gave her injections to 'help'.
- enjoyed a morning at Daisy Hill with old friends.
- loved having his Grandparents visit.


- is loving outside adventure time in the afternoons, climbing half way up the slide, bouncing on the little trampoline, riding the 'bikes'.
- eats!
- has begun trying to draw because her brother does it so often; she's thrilled to get her hands on any writing tool and any form of paper.
- Walked her Grandparents around and around and around and around the house.
- Played with her Auntie, lots of exploring.



- went to a wedding (thanks to Nanma and Pa for babysitting)! It was our first 'drone wedding'
- enjoyed dinner with the loveliest of friends.
- am loving watching my kids play together - this is how B found them recently, stethoscope poised...
- appreciated having my parents and sister around, particularly because I've been working on a HUGE project (see next photo - so far I've done over 160 hours in 4 weeks, on top of full time parenting) and I was able to work for many extra hours while they entertained little She. Or little She entertained them.
- am STOKED about the recent progress on our community garden - the space was officially handed over to us and plans are rolling ahead!
- have my heart warmed regularly when I receive letters and pictures, just for me (and, just to clarify, this says 'To Mum', not 'Tom'!).