Tuesday, September 15, 2015

busy month


- made a sign for our mailbox (his own idea).
- made chocolate brownie fudge for Fathers' Day.
- had his hair braided by one of the kindy teachers, who always has a long line of 'clients' waiting for her hairstyling services when we arrive there in the mornings.
- grabbed his doctor kit when he heard that his auntie was sick, and gave her injections to 'help'.
- enjoyed a morning at Daisy Hill with old friends.
- loved having his Grandparents visit.


- is loving outside adventure time in the afternoons, climbing half way up the slide, bouncing on the little trampoline, riding the 'bikes'.
- eats!
- has begun trying to draw because her brother does it so often; she's thrilled to get her hands on any writing tool and any form of paper.
- Walked her Grandparents around and around and around and around the house.
- Played with her Auntie, lots of exploring.



- went to a wedding (thanks to Nanma and Pa for babysitting)! It was our first 'drone wedding'
- enjoyed dinner with the loveliest of friends.
- am loving watching my kids play together - this is how B found them recently, stethoscope poised...
- appreciated having my parents and sister around, particularly because I've been working on a HUGE project (see next photo - so far I've done over 160 hours in 4 weeks, on top of full time parenting) and I was able to work for many extra hours while they entertained little She. Or little She entertained them.
- am STOKED about the recent progress on our community garden - the space was officially handed over to us and plans are rolling ahead!
- have my heart warmed regularly when I receive letters and pictures, just for me (and, just to clarify, this says 'To Mum', not 'Tom'!).

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