Monday, August 17, 2015

garden sunday

He was happy pottering around the yard for hours, playing rocket/zoo/camping/raccoon trap (the circus tent played various roles throughout the afternoon), once in a while helping with the gardening and asking great questions: "Why does this say 'caution'?"

She took a step! One. Twice!
And she ate a lot of dirt. She's so quick. She would even hold it up first to show whoever happened to be watching but, somehow, she still managed to slip it in before we could stop her. I was able to distract her for a while by picking basil leaves to munch on instead, but ultimately she was happiest when 'playing with' the dirt.


Our downstairs housie is doing a permaculture course this semester. Yesterday, she and her husband spent ALL DAY completely reconfiguring our garden and it is beautiful! We upstairs people spent most of the afternoon/evening helping. I also finished planting out the new front herb garden, so that project is done!

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