Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I got him up in the middle of his rest when I noticed the excitement happening out the front window! Our neighbour's house lost its roof (and its heart) during the storm, now it's completely gone. Dirt. The family had lived there for over 80 years. 

She voraciously demolishes any food within her (unexpectedly long) reach and can - sort of - ask for "more" using baby sign. Last night she polished off a mountain of noodles, one by one, and every single one looked and sounded like this. Hilarious!


I spent the better part of the past three weekends intentionally smashing things (and gluing the broken bits onto a wall)! What other hobby could be more satisfying?! The project has been a long time coming, and now is almost finished.

Obviously I had some help with it, intermittently.

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