Sunday, August 2, 2015

time flies when you're... back home!

We've been home for over a month already, these photos show just a taste of what we've been up to...


- Catching up with old friends.
- Dress-up day at kindy (don't call him a puppy, he was a meerkat). He proudly wore the complete costume (from ugg boots to head/mask) ALL day, including meals, sand pit, rest time and walking there and home.
- Weekly Story Time at 'Where the Wild Things Are' book shop.
- He's become a prolific author and illustrator. Every book MUST have a staple spine. This is a page from his very first book, "Mummy Fish and Baby Fish".
- The Story Bridge turned 75 years old and had a big party! We got to walk across it, eat market food and hang with friends.
- Painting!
- Cruising around on his balance bike.


- After being such a confident 'commando' crawler (all arms and wriggles) for months she has finally engaged the KNEES! It's much slower than the knee-less version but she's thoroughly enjoying the challenge.
- We caught up with my childhood pal who was helping out at a friend's cafe in Brisbane. Little She made herself at home, crawled around, ate food, helped behind the counter, greeted customers...
- Playing tunes with Daddy.
- State Library fun! They currently have some excellent activity baskets, each with a book and props/costumes to enhance the storytelling experience!
- She loves that she's now old enough to ride in the bike trailer! 


- Just as our plane landed in Brisbane, a very special new baby landed on Earth! So, finally home from 6 weeks overseas, we jumped in the car and drove to the Sunny coast to meet her. She's PERFECT! Little He and She are both very excited to have a new cousin.
- I had a hectic first few days at home, as the course was on again, starting that first weekend. It was a busy but refreshing two weeks. This flower bowl was created by one of the participants and represents the different aspects of the course.
- Picnics with friends and market mornings helped us enjoy getting back into the rhythm of normal life.
- I saw a stunning, complete rainbow!
- We've been doing lots of bits and pieces around the house, painting the fence (and slippery slide ladder), tidying up out the front, upgrading our tank, thinking about house paint colours, making plans...

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