Monday, April 11, 2016


He drew me a beautiful hospital, took good care of Granny, made me herbal teas and often asked how my 'owees' were feeling. More than once, since recovering at home, he has asked me to go back to hospital as he really enjoyed visiting. 

For my birthday he gave me a handy cup holder for the pram, so we stopped for coffee/babyccinos on the way to kindy to try it out.

She gave Granny's helping hands a good work-out while I wasn't up to lifting, and searched for her each morning for many days after she flew home: "Gaddy? Gaddy?" Luckily, she usually ended up finding Gaddy in photos on the fridge which was never completely satisfactory but was a good distraction.

 I had an operation a few weeks ago, all good now! Granny came to help out for a couple of weeks which I LOVED! It was also the first time I've seen her on my birthday or Easter for 20 years! 

My sis sent an excellent book for me to read in hospital, I started and finished it while there. It was an excellent read and a timely reminder of how lucky/easy life is for us here.