Saturday, June 27, 2015

the portland chapter


He enjoyed:
Op shops and book shops. I don't have a good photo of our visit to Powell's, but it deserves a HUGE mention here. It's the "largest independent used and new bookstore in the world" and it is wonderful.
A whole restaurant dedicated to Mac & Cheese!
Sidewalk chalk on the big driveway, the artwork expanding daily.
"I loooove going to the food carts because I love to play in the gravel."
His bed, full of 'friends'.
Gondola ('tram') ride with his Daddy. They also spent a morning driving over each of Portland's bridges.
Being (self-appointed) salesman at the Keens' shoe world headquarters. If his feet had been a few sizes bigger he would have had a real job testing some new shoes with the product designer that came over to have a chat.
New playgrounds.
Hanging with C&O, who he is incredibly comfortable with - cooking, drawing, strolling, learning French, playing jenga, playing memory, playing whichever imagination game was currently happening.


 She enjoyed:
Lots of eating out, deliciously and cheaply.
So much spacious carpet to wriggle on.
Wandering the neighbourhood streets, admiring gardens, lots of daisies...
'Friends of the Library' store - where C works.
The library kids' space, with it's huge indoor Tree of Knowledge.


We/I enjoyed:
Getting Portland haircuts.
Awesome shops - this one is a converted double-decker bus.
Food carts, just around the corner from C&O's place, on 'Division'. While we were in the neighbourhood, we tried Ingrid's Scandinavian, Thai, Hawaiian/Korean, Pizza, Burritos, Lebanese...
'Cafe au Play', a community-run kids' cafe with daily programs and performances, just a stroll from our friends' place.
The Tap Room is also around the corner. You can take your own dinner and enjoy their beer samplers.
Checking out Portland icons (which He knows well from some picture books).
Sunflowers taller than us, and many other inspiring things in the neighbourhood.
And that's the end!

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  1. Just caught up on all your travel blogs 😍 what a time!