Friday, June 26, 2015

the vancouver island chapter


Berry picking in our friends' amazing garden in Nanaimo
Enjoying dinners on the pebbly beach
Riding bikes and searching for little crabs on the waterfront
Exploring waterfalls, balancing on rock and log bridges
Giving and retrieving treasures through the "give a little, take a little" elf's doorway found in the forest
Visiting Lucy the Seal, a local celebrity
The Children's Zoo in Victoria
Riding bikes
Reading with friends
Exploring and feeling brave


Riding on 4 different types of boats!
Feeling small (but happy) at Cathedral Grove (really, really big trees)
Happily tagging along, hanging out at numerous picturesque natural spots
Playing with someone her own size (they were quite fascinated with each other)


Goats on a Roof - store/restaurant/tourist stop
Op shopping, of course
B had a ride on a trimaran
Caught a raccoon that had been bothering our friends' chickens
A week exploring Nanaimo (and beyond) with lovely friends

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