Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day to those we love!


He came home from daycare yesterday with a beautiful pink valentine card that he had made for his dad, me and auntie (who was staying over). He ran inside, "Mummy, I've made something for you! Will you be my vall-ey...ta... What is it again?"
He and I made love heart cookies, and he insisted on also making a love house. That's the door at the front.
While shaping the cookie dough, he caught me sneaking a taste and asked what I was doing. I told him I just had to try a little to make sure it was alright. Of course, he pinched a little off and popped it in his mouth, "Hmmm... it's not alright." Popped a little more in, "Now it's nearly alright." More, "Now it's alright, Mummy!" A minute later, "It's not alright again!" Repeat. Repeat. Whoops.

She obligingly modeled the cookies but prefers to share her love through smiles.

I spent part of yesterday afternoon mixing a batch of pink cookie dough while listening to Radio National's 'Inside Sleeve' program, a 'red' themed show for Valentine's. I had a lot of fun realising how many songs are about the colour.


  1. That girl! I want to KISS and SMOOSH those cheeks! Happy love day you lot xxoo

  2. So smooshable! I'll smoosh them for you if you smoosh E's for me!