Tuesday, February 17, 2015

garden hour


 He sometimes takes some convincing to actually exit the house, with its lego, drums and puzzles, but when he does get out into the yard he's at his very best: relaxed, creative, helpful, curious. And, obviously, he refuses to come inside afterwards.

She's enjoying hanging out in the baby-cage, watching the banana trees and clouds above her, then turning to watch the people action around her.

Garden hour doesn't happen as often as it once did around here, but when it does, it's lovely. I spend a lot of time in the baby cage, too. And here are our newest residents, the native bees (white hive). We named them the Weasleys (and He named the Queen Bee 'Dorothy'). The worms in the worm farm below them are named Slytherin.


  1. Garden hour. *sigh* It all looks so lovely and lush, and if we were there we could add E to the age mix of cute kids, but probably not leave her in the baby cage with the little one...she has been a bit slappy/wavey/pushy today...eek! xx

    1. Yeah, we love garden hour. E and D might have to take turns in the baby cage, or at least have an umpire present if they're in there together!