Friday, February 20, 2015


He tells her "Look!" and, when he has her attention, expertly shows her how to play with different toys. In this video he expertly demonstrates how to play with planes, in particular the noise that they must make as they zoom together.


She had her 4-month check-up/injections this week. She's tall - 95th percentile for height, 75th for weight. She did a huge wee (with a huge grin) during the few moments that she was lying naked, nappy-free on the scales. I noticed, a few weeks ago, that her pupils were slightly different sizes. Our GP referred her to an ophthalmologist to check it out, as this is usually fine but could possibly indicate something serious. That appointment was yesterday. The photo shows her in the waiting room, as another bub approached her for a play. After a couple of hours and a few tests, the doctor said she's fine, nothing nasty is causing it. We suspect that it is, instead, indicative of some kind of eye-related super powers. We're yet to confirm which one, but suspect any/all of the following: X-ray vision, night vision, seeing the future, Super Man laser-eyes. Any other suggestions?

I'm loving looking out of the windows at the steady rain. I'll like it less when the wind arrives tonight or tomorrow. 

Apparently B doesn't have enough time staring at screens every day so he has to capitalise on his screen-time opportunities. I took this picture last night (it's for real!).

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