Tuesday, February 10, 2015

schultzfest 2015: 40-fest


 He fell instantly in love with his 'my apartment', with views of the ocean and its ships, Nanma's toys, his boat bed (queen-sized bed with a wall of pillows around the edge), a choice of TWO toilets (how fancy), a pool and, of course, the love and attention of his grandparents! He would have been happy to stay there and play 'in my apartment' for the entire weekend, though he was pretty excited about the cake and the balloons at the party!


 Her first Schultzfest!


Schultzfest was extra festive this year, with Auntie's 40th birthday celebrations. Family dinner on Friday night and big party on Saturday afternoon/evening. We were in charge of cake and decorations, which were both pretty fun. (Obviously this photo is not me, but it is the cake I made! Looking at it now, I'm wondering if two-tone freddo frogs were not the most grown-up/40-ish of decoration choices?) 
I watched the sunrise each morning, and read 'One Day' by David Nicholls (after finishing and enjoying 'Us', another of his novels, recently). I also managed a quick power-stroll to a couple of op shops on Saturday morning and another stroll to the markets on Sunday.

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  1. The cake was so special Di, because you were thoughtful & kind enough to think of making one. Delicious too. Thanks. OX