Friday, February 6, 2015

solo parenting

He waved 'goodbye' to Daddy and watched him leave in the taxi. However, in retelling the story to someone later, the taxi had turned into a police car. 
He formed a new band and had a lengthy jam, requesting all of the songs that he usually plays with Daddy.
He and I spent a lot of time playing games - proper games, that come in boxes and have instructions. He's starting to grasp 'snap' and a snakes-and-ladders-style board game called 'Around the World', though (wonderfully) the concept of 'winning' is lost on him, for now! His very favourite is a charades game (from his Auntie J) with cards and a spinner and it's seriously good fun.
He has also begun to, completely independently, go for a paddle in the back yard. Twice now I have watched as he has headed downstairs to the back yard, dragged out his shell pool from behind the tank, turned on the hose to fill it up, added a selection of toys, stripped his clothes off, and hopped in.

She chatted to Daddy on skype, caught her first cold, giggled when I tickled her feet and started grasping things (toys, clothes, my finger, my hair) intentionally (and putting them straight into her mouth).

It wasn't my favourite week ever. But I did have a lovely lazy lunch with friends and babies on Wednesday - the day that we all had our older munchkins in daycare!

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