Monday, July 11, 2016

woolly winter

He helped me make the first fence heart when we arrived to set up, then became a penguin collecting icicles on snow mountains with his new friend.

When she wasn't busy/happy eating everyone else's food she spent time crafting with her friends (big and small). Despite being a bit sick she partied on well after the planned finishing time!

We organised Woolly Winter, a "school holidays event for all generations" which was held at our Community Garden on Thursday.

The lead up involved chatting with crafty neighbours, a letter-box drop and op-shopping for wool. I also spent a lot of energy (wasted, incidentally) trying to organise a coffee van to stop by. After 9 rejections I was out of options. NINE! 

The day involved rugging up warmly, delightful company, garden exploring and beautiful woolly work! More than 60 people came along and learnt to knit, made pom poms and finger-knitting lengths and decorated the fence (some in neat hearts and some with a more abstract flair). The lollypop lady from our local school crossing (who lives in a retirement unit near the garden) gave me a big bag of knitted squares to use. Another local crafter and I started combining these squares and other goodies (from her mum's 30-year collection of knitted samples) to clothe the tall, bare tree trunks. This will be an ongoing project! As I don't have a picture of that yet, the above shows the garden gate boasting happy new hearts made on the day.

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