Friday, July 1, 2016

demolition (blogging catch-up)


Preparation for demolition
As soon as we were given a tentative/vague start date, we started packing up half of the house into boxes, piled high in the spare room, and packing up the contents of the laundry and much of the yard. He helped his Daddy remove the pavers and, by having long daytime naps, She gave me a couple of hours each day to sort/pack inside.

Drawing on the walls destined for demolition
In preparation for the interior demolition, we've been drawing on walls. It's been consuming much of our play time for the past month, and visitors are heartily encouraged to contribute.


Demolition in the yard
 Endless entertainment: machines, bobcats, cement mixers, mud, rubble, skip bins, jackhammers. Kids watch from their special viewing platform (the kitchen sink) in the mornings and pop around the back to check it out in the evenings.


Escaping demolition noise
Having nap times at a friend's place for the week (to escape the NOISE) means that we get to pretend we have a cat, the gorgeous Billy. Little He happily spent a couple of hours each day doing puzzles/reading/craft with a furry black shadow for company. Little She arrived at their place each day, bursting with an abundance of enthusiastic affection to share with Billy before hopping into her 'special bed at Billy's place'. 

Demolishing a lump
It had been on my neck for 25 years, but, this year, a doctor finally wanted to cut it out. The stitches came out after 4 weeks and it's healing nicely. Just wish it had happened a couple of decades ago when it was still tiny! 

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