Wednesday, May 25, 2016

grandparent visit

He is very comfortable with his Grandies, spent much of the past 10 days (and a couple of evenings, while his parents were out and child-free) reading, drawing and playing games with them. These Volkswagen salt & pepper shakers at the Gabba Antique Centre cafe reminded Granny of her first car, which had to be big enough to fit her Mom's (my Grandma Jo's) wheelchair in. 

Don't be alarmed! Baby Rosie is made of plastic and Grandpa was being very gentle. This macabre little project was all in the name of making the hole in baby's mouth large enough for the dummy that Little She desperately wanted to fit. We dragged Granny and Grandpa from playgroup to playground to cafe to market to fete to op-shop to swap-shop and collected various doll clothes, doll high-chair and a doll dummy along the way (Little She has recently adopted her brother's Baby Rosie and a baby, as we know, needs lots of stuff...).

 My parents drove here from Adelaide, via all sorts of back-roads and via Rock Hampton. Not a bad effort for a couple in their mid-70s. They're on their way home now, via the Blue Mountains. Also not a bad effort was their stellar effort in keeping up with the munchkins for a week and a half. Mainly the wild and wonderful little She-child! And, because they were driving their fancy new 4WD, there was room in the boot for the two prettiest chairs in the world which once belonged to my Grandparents in the Barossa, but now belong here with me.

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