Tuesday, May 24, 2016

super heroes


 For his very good pal's 4th 'Super Hero' birthday party he invented 'Super Dragon' (which breathes fire, air, water and cupcakes). He also dressed his Daddy as 'Interesting Man' (purple wig and cape) whose super power is 'being interested in everything'. At the party he found a good book and curled up on the couch, unaware of the twenty 4-year-old Spidermen (Spidermans?) swarming past in red and black waves of energy. Dress-ups, cake, books - pretty much his ultimate party.

She saw the design on her costume and explained that she was 'Incy Wincy Spider". 
Their Auntie commented: "Super Dragon & Incy-Wincy??? Surely you two are a formidable fire-breathing, waterspout-climbing force!

We're rostered on to water the community garden this week. I was up there just after sunrise this morning, listening to podcasts (the Party Room, Chat 10 Looks 3), pulling weeds, chatting to neighbours passing by and moving the hose around. A delicious way for my soul to start the day! My favourite part, however, was drinking tea from B's Superman thermos from his childhood.

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  1. So the Superman thermos has again found a use. So pleased it has come in handy D.