Monday, July 11, 2016

drawing subjects

Current (and enduring) favourite subjects: giraffes, under the sea, dinosaurs, birds. The giraffe pictured is sick, with purple snot pouring out of her nose and pooling at her feet... So lovely!

She's been loving drawing for quite a while, but has recently become much more deliberate about what she creates (usually flowers). Here's a chalkboard that she drew on at playgroup this week. I did 3 of the flower heads, at her request, but the rest was her. She spent AGES doing the many, many stems (in a rainbow of colours) and tried very hard to make some flowers on top.

A friend and I decided we could be brave enough (together) to go along to a drawing meet-up in the CBD on the weekend - it just sounded too interesting to miss. It started in a cafe/bar where we could order food/drink while sketching a yoga instructor in lots of different poses. She then taught us some good stretches/poses for artists before we moved out into an alley to sketch some longer poses in a different setting. 

B reported that, while I was at yoga/drawing, he and Little He spent a delightful rest time drawing together on the sunny veranda. Little He developed his regular repertoire while B drew a map of data points (or something similarly clever/confusing) for the new lounge room. 

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