Sunday, January 24, 2016


Just before Christmas, we went to a lego show and, of course, he was awed and inspired. The inspiration was timely, as he received A LOT of lego for Christmas and birthday. He builds during play time, rest time and eating time. Last night he read 'Lego Ideas Book' (borrowed from friends) instead of sleeping, for much of the night. How much is too much?


She roamed the exhibition with her big pal/sis, and enjoyed finding and acknowledging familiar objects - plane, flower, car, hat...
At home she also loves to investigate and eat lego pieces - she's happy with lego, duplo, primo... They all taste the same!

 I won a family pass to the Lego exhibition "Brickman Experience" at the Convention Centre (of course, B had already purchased a couple of tickets before we found out...). I loved this collaborative piece.

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