Friday, January 15, 2016



4 days of celebration:
Sunday: Lovely times with his little sis during our family morning at the market. In the afternoon he had a joint birthday party at the park with his pal - fancy dress (of course) with a great crowd and many hours of playing. 
Monday: We met another friend for a cupcake party at a playground, a visit to the dog park and drinks at the cafe (where he chose to sit on his own with his babyccino and read his new Zac Power book). We then picked up Daddy from work (his first day back there after 3 weeks off - he was ready for diversion, and cake) for a special lunch at the sushi train.
In the afternoon he had his first visit to the dentist (the mother of a friend, who ensured it was the MOST positive dental experience a child has EVER had... cheery conversation, playing with the up/down buttons on the chair, a take-home showbag and a 'rooster' balloon made from a rubber glove and dental floss). 
Tuesday: He received some cards and gifts in the mail and took cupcakes to kindy to share with his classmates for morning tea. Later, Nanma and Pa came to surprise him and stayed for dinner and a sleepover! Nanma helped him with some of his birthday lego and Pa helped him with his birthday bike.
Thursday: Our regular Thursday Dinner with friends included three birthday celebrations this week (a 4-year-old, an 8-year-old and a grown up)!

She relished every bit of every celebration.


Much sugar-free baking! 4-layer cake for the party ("four layers because I'm 4!") and cupcakes with homemade sugar-free sprinkles for kindy. 

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