Monday, January 25, 2016

bookfest 2016

He behaved predictably and consistently!

During both visits to Bookfest last week, she spent the entire time announcing, "Ball! Ball!" when she saw kids clasping helium balloons, and "Quack!" "Moo!" "Baa!" "Woof!" depending on which book I had most recently passed her to distract her from the balloons. Thankfully she was handed a balloon on exit and proudly carried it on the train and walking home from the station with Daddy.


As always, I had a super time (twice so far - and there's still a couple more days before bookfest closes...) and was pleased with my loot of mostly young reader chapter books. I'm trying - unsuccessfully - to read each book (and get rid of those I don't like) before he gets his hands on them. I'm also currently enjoying a very silly book by Miranda Hart, called 'Is it just Me?' and 'The Happiness Show' by Catherine Deveny, which I borrowed from a friend at Book Club.
I also enjoyed reminiscing (thank you, blog) about past bookfest fun

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