Thursday, February 18, 2016


It's something I desperately want to help my kids develop. But it's so personal. And so complex! And so simple.

Earlier this week, I asked him to remind me to grab the lunch bag out of the fridge before we left the house. He said "I will write you a note to remind you!" Which was a lovely idea, except he got distracted and didn't do it. Luckily I remembered the lunch anyway and no one had to survive a morning without crackers and bananas. 
Then, yesterday, I was particularly exhausted. He came out of his room during rest time and found me looking pretty wrecked. He stared at me for a few moments, deep in thought, and said, "I will write a reminder!" I didn't know what he was talking about but nodded. Later, we found this reminder note on the computer desk! He could see I needed some support and came up with his own idea about how to help. 
For years I've been watching him, hoping for tiny hints of evolving empathy. Sometimes I have to look really, really, really hard. Other times, I get a reminder note.

After kindy drop-off this morning, she and I wandered down to the vigil outside the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, to show our support for the Doctors and Nurses who are refusing to discharge baby Asha (who's just a few months younger than Little She) to be deported to unsafe conditions in Nauru. We arrived during a beautiful gathering of 'Mums 4 Refugees' and spent the morning with them. Obviously, She was just interested in playing with everyone else's toys, eating their crackers and pulling her hat off but I hope to continue exposing her to gatherings of compassionate, informed people so that she may be inspired by what she sees/hears/learns!

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