Friday, January 9, 2015

weekend visitors


He shared his room with his friend (the youngest of the three girls, three weeks older than him) for two nights - he's really getting into sleepovers! These two talked for AGES into the night. Because they were using the gorgeous, confident 'announcement' voices that toddlers use when chatting to/at each other, we had no trouble following their conversation from the lounge room. It was - honestly - more entertaining than anything we could have been watching on telly, or anything we could have been saying in our own conversations. He explained the circulatory system to her: Your heart beat pumps blood around your bottom. They discussed their horses, in detail. She has real horses. He invented his own, affectionately known as 'Footpath'. She told him that horses die. He asked, "What's a die?" She explained, "It's when a horse dies and it has to go in a ground hole." And on and on. South Bank was the other highlight, playing, swimming, picnicing, and, for extra excitement, (because their dad is a bit croc-hunter-esque) everyone got to pat a water dragon.

She didn't want to miss out on all the fun, so had her first South Bank swim with the rest of the gang. She wasn't here yet, last time they visited. This time, she was an important part of every activity, adored by all of her extra mummies.


 There is a bright side to having friends like these who live far away - when we do get to see them, we get to do it properly - from breakfast until bedtime for a couple of days! It's lovely.

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