Sunday, January 11, 2015

big caloundra day

He was invited to celebrate three different birthdays for three special little boys yesterday: His gorgeous cousin, his pal who is 4 days older than him and his pal who is 2 days older than him. When he hears about a birthday, his first question is, "What kind of cake will it be?" Apart from Gorgeous cousin's amazing blue car cake (which, hilariously, cousin 'cut' up himself, and passed handfuls of to the other kids via his own mouth), the highlight of the Caloundra party (for little He) was his uncle's drum kit (closely followed by the pool)! So much bigger than his own. It was far more appealing to him than 'pass the parcel' or eating, or socialising. He would have been happy locked away in the drum room all day. He doesn't know yet that my big drum kit is currently packed away in the built-ins in his bedroom!

She partied pretty hard and enjoyed the company of so many people who love her! The trip home wasn't her favourite part of the day.

It was impossible, logistically to get to one of the parties (oddly, the one that was closest to our place), so we were planning on spending the morning at cousin's party in Caloundra and  the afternoon/evening partying on the Wynnum foreshore. But when I checked my phone as we were leaving the coast I had a message that the next party was postponed as the birthday boy was sick, poor little guy! So, we turned around, called family and friends and headed back to meet them at the beach. I had a very comfortable afternoon/evening in the shade, with friends, sisters and babies.

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