Thursday, January 8, 2015

state library visit

It's been a while between visits, but we accidentally ended up at 'The Corner' (kids' space at the State Library) on Tuesday morning. He didn't make it past the entry area, where there was a big jungle cave. He took off his shoes, gathered as many jungle animals as he could hold and sat down in the swamp to cuddle them and narrate their stories. And didn't move from there for an hour. Even when Timmy started playing and singing down in the main area, he stayed put, calling out to me, "Mummy, I'm just going to listen from up here!"

It was her very first visit to the library, and very first experience of Tim Jackman's 'Hickory Dickory Rock'. She danced and smiled - Timmy's newest fan.

As I played/sang with her I had some very strong and lovely recollections of the early days with her big brother. We spent so much of our time there, with pals, playing and rockin out with Timmy. (The picture shows him, freshly hatched, nearly 3 years ago!)

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