Tuesday, December 30, 2014

barossa valley day


Playgrounds in the Barossa are grape-themed, of course! He was pretty stoked to have two 'big' boys to play with (i.e. follow around adoringly) for the day. Our munchkins found something fun to do at each winery: grass for running; rock cliffs for climbing; lounge chairs, paper and crayons for some reflective writing; creeks for throwing sticks into; car for sleeping...

She's a delicious addition to any picnic.

It is such a gorgeous drive, heading out of the burbs and into the wide, hilly, familiar countryside. The dry yellow contrasts the blue skies and bursts of green vines. I really, really like colours. My very oldest pal and her boys were in Radelaide for Christmas, too. Yay! We met at a playground in Tanunda then spent the day playing, winery-visiting, picnicing and catching up. We catch up so infrequently, and our lives are so different now, that it really shouldn't feel as comfortable and normal as it does when we see each other. It feels very special to have a friendship like this.

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