Wednesday, December 31, 2014

adelaide central markets day

He got to choose one treat from Haigh's Chocolates, and one piece of fruit from the big fruit stall.

 She slept on my sister for the entire trip to the markets, and stayed awake for the entire picnic at the playground (it was a bit windy).


 We always squeeze in a trip to the Central Markets with my sis (and often other pals) when in Radelaide. We stock up on tasty savoury goodness and visit Haigh's for a chocolate treat. This time we each chose identical treats, because the lemon/white choc/cream cheese truffle is seriously delectable (apart from my little he who is a sucker for a christmas tree), and celebrated with an early new year count-down and a big 'cheers'. Sis also introduced us to her favourite market combo - cannoli for dessert and vegetarian dumpling laksa for firsts. We also bought the world's biggest flatbreat, dip and cheese. The cannolis didn't last long but the rest came with us to an awesome playground/park in North Adelaide for a picnic. 

In a little Christmas miracle, B left his custard tart on the roof of the car, and it was STILL THERE when we got to the next stop.

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