Monday, December 29, 2014

adelaide christmas


- Opening presents, each time asking for a bit of help from the gifter.
- One present, from Granny, was for him and his Auntie. The label said "Open BEOFRE Christmas". It was a cookie house and it was so much fun to decorate and devour!
- At the rellie Christmas lunch he was such a big kid, standing alongside a favourite cousin in one of the squares to 'play' foursquare with the other big kids. Pillow cricket was also a 'hit'! 
- Movie night! Oh my goodness. The Sound of Music. In every scene that didn't include Maria, he said, "Mummy, where's Maria?" and whenever she arrived, "There's Maria!". Interestingly, it was Brigitta that he chose to 'be' in the following days. Taking the lead from a friend of ours (whose mother cleverly ended the movie after the wedding scene every time she watched it during her entire childhood), we ended the movie after the von Trapp kids sang "So long, farewell" at the party. The party really is over after that.

Cuddles asleep and cuddles awake. Cuddles cranky and cuddles smily. Cuddles with dribbly drool and cuddles exploding out the other end (sorry, Grandpa, that was a whole week's worth). Cuddles with auntie, grandparents, brother, great aunties, second cousins, second cousins once removed (I think), friends, friends' kids... Even parents, once in a while! 
She also pulled off an 11 hour night sleep (in her bed, not on a shoulder. Thankfully, for all shoulders).

It's always lovely to be home.

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