Saturday, September 27, 2014

lone pine with granny

Since it was Granny and Grandpa who gave us the season pass for Lone Pine, we thought we'd squeeze in a visit while she's with us! He especially loved showing her the water wheel/turbine. And though it looks like she may be about to tip him in, I'm quite sure she was actually holding him steady!

There's a large area outside the entrance to Lone Pine which - apparently - used to be the wombat enclosure, with nice high fences, trees, long concrete tunnels, mounds, a wooden hut, balancing logs, plenty of space and river views. These days it adjoins the cafe area and therefore has chairs and tables under the trees, and all of the bits that were once fun for wombats are now fun for kiddies! We've been meaning to stop there at the end of a visit, and finally did yesterday. It was absolutely lovely - for those of us who were content on the chairs in the shade, and those that wanted to run, climb and crawl (Granny got to be part of both of these parties)! I think this will form part of our regular Lone Pine routine!