Sunday, September 28, 2014


The jets made a number of noisy appearances, directly over our house and yard, a few times through the afternoon and evening. He was... concerned! The few moments when he could actually see them were very exciting (if someone was holding him), but all of the ear-splittling before and after was a bit too much. One time I found him behind the curtain in the baby's room with his hands over his ears. 

Before we headed up the street for the fireworks, some friends came over for a bit of playing, and to sort through my costume stash to outfit themselves for an upcoming "retro/fantasy/picnic" themed party. The kidlets got involved and he put together this beautiful "Dorothy" costume (yes, he's still Dorothy), which he decided to leave on when we headed out for the evening. 

We'd been focused on reassuring him about the noisy jets but had forgotten to remind him that the fireworks would be noisy (but gently soothing in comparison!), too. Whoops. He did have a blast playing with all of the kids in the hall before and after, though!

Update: When I woke him to get ready to head to the airport just now, the first words he uttered were, "Where's my bow?"

The local community organisation had use of the big church hall/balcony on the hill for the evening, with an EXCELLENT view of fireworks... For those on the balcony! I could see fairly well from my chair, across half of the hall, through the glass doors and past the heads of those standing on the balcony. But no complaints here as I got the loveliest, head-resting, extended cuddle from my little Dorothy for the duration. I'll take that any time!