Monday, September 29, 2014


 Yesterday morning we dropped Granny at the airport, and she spent the rest of the day/night on a plane, flying to the USA. Today, he and his daycare class visited the USA, too! But it only took them a few seconds to get there - perhaps Granny should have used a painted cardboard plane like theirs?


I somehow ended up organising an hour of activities for his daycare class today. They've been traveling to different countries on their big cardboard plane, lining up to have their passports stamped and then experiencing activities/food/costumes from the host nations. So fun! The USA activities I organised for this morning were...
- Campfire: I collected sticks on my morning walk today, and the kids carefully built them into a pretty fire, complete with battery-powered candles. We did some singing around the fire and then each made (and ate) tasty smores.
- Native Americans: Looking at a gorgeously illustrated book and making our own feather headdresses. 
- Animal Jellies: I made 'knox blox' last night (which are like sheets of jelly that have set very firm), thanks to B doing a late night run to the IGA for extra ingredients, and the kids used cookie cutters to make a big platter of hedgehog, bear and squirrel shaped jellies for lunch/dessert.
- Flags: Using star and stripe stickers to make little USA flags.
- Baseball: A very cute game of rolling the ball, hitting the ball, then running and jumping on all 4 bases. There was lots of cheering and crazy running. By the end, only one kid had managed to run to the correct base unchaperoned! Hilarious!
- Story: Of course, we finished with a story book, sitting around the campfire, and I left a pile of USA-ish books for kids to look through later.