Thursday, September 25, 2014


 He has adored his giraffe for a loooong time now. The giraffe was (cleverly) named 'Giraffey' ('Jaaahfee') for most of that time. A couple of months ago, 'Giraffey' became 'Terva', which we assumed was permanent. But, now, due to an obsession with The Wizard of Oz and an afternoon of extended role-playing with Auntie on the weekend, in which he assumed (and hasn't yet dropped) the name 'Dorothy' for himself, 'Terva' became 'Toto' the dog. So now the giraffe is a dog. We are hastily (and not exactly tenderly) corrected if we accidentally use the wrong pseudonym, for either him or the giraffe.

I am (a little too) excited about my good friend getting her new dog. She (person, not dog) bought herself a tall fence for Christmas a while back, and has been an avid follower of the dog adoption sites ever since, waiting for the perfect pet. She finally found her! She (dog, not person) was surrendered to Pet Rescue by a farmer because she wasn't aggressive enough. What a wonderful trait! She moved into my friend's place on Saturday, and I met her on Monday morning, over breakfast, at (appropriately) the Brown Dog Cafe. She IS perfect. She sat under the table being sweet and perfect and we had a delicious breakfast. Here you can see my round belly, remnants of tasty breakfast and gorgeous dog.