Wednesday, September 24, 2014

an old friend visits

My old pal has a very clever mother, who knits finger puppets - she has over 120 of her own, incredibly cute, designs! She is also very generous, and sent a packet of them to Brissy, with my pal, for our little guy (to share with his little sister). Anyone wanting to buy some can contact Denise on 08 8326 4660!

A RAdelaide friend from back-in-the-day was in town for a couple of weeks, working at a show for the Brisbane Festival. We were lucky to catch up a couple of times, and she arranged some free tickets for their final show, yippee! Sista-in-law and I went along, not really knowing what to expect but very excited. The show was called 'Soap' and onstage were 6 bathtubs which formed the central theme of the entire 80 minutes. Acrobats, dancing, singing, juggling, comedy... Unique and spectacular and, at times, breathtaking!