Monday, March 24, 2014


His daycare teacher laughed as she recounted a story, when I collected him last week. 
Apparently she took him to the toilet and, while sitting/waiting, he suggested, "Shall we sing a song?" 
She said, "Sure. What would you like to sing?" 
He considered her question, and answered, "A, B, C, D."
She told him, "Okay, you start singing, and I'll join in." 
He refused immediately, and emphatically, "NO." 
She explained, "But I don't know A, B, C, D. You'll have to sing so I can learn it."
Outraged, he announced, "But YOU'RE a DAYCARE TEACHER!"
Clearly, there's one song that all daycare teachers must be sure to know, as a prerequisite to employment.
(This photo is not of a toilet, just somewhere he likes to sit when we walk around the neighbourhood.)

On Mondays, I'm back at school. At the moment I'm mainly working on updating the school website (a big, slow job), as well as a lovely project with a small group of Year 5-7s. Each of my group members have adopted a class in the school, and act as class reporter. They negotiate with that class teacher, and their own teacher, to find a good time each week to visit/observe/interview/photograph, and then write, edit and publish a blog post which focuses on learning. We spend a couple of hours as a group on Mondays, sharing, editing and supporting each other. The project has just begun, so it will take a while to get into a rhythm, but it's great, and they'll get there. You can see the blogs, linked from each of the class pages at
I don't have a photo to illustrate this, so am using a picture of a recent bean harvest. Go ahead and create your own beautiful, relevant metaphor about harvesting young minds... Helping kids find the beans/treasures inside the pods/skins... Sowing seeds...