Saturday, March 22, 2014

pockets. cool.

Every time we go walking these days, there's a moment when he abruptly stops, remembers that his pockets exist, works very hard to get his whopper hands into the tiny pockets on his shorts, and then recommences walking. He thinks it's sooo cool and important and I think it's sooo funny. Gosh he's disappointed when he finds that he's wearing pocket-less pants, or - even worse - pants with fake pockets!


The thing about wearing my favourite jeans is that I can't - comfortably - carry my phone/wallet in the pockets (they are perfect, however, for carrying my hands if I ever want to walk as cool as my little boy does lately). And the thing about going to a gig is that I don't want to carry a proper bag around all night. Luckily I have a couple of little bags that are just like adding a little extra pocket! I took this pretty one (a sister-in-law gift from Cambodia) to the Billy Bragg show last night. Which was so very cool.