Wednesday, March 26, 2014

taking a break

He said to me, while walking to daycare, "I will carry my backpack. And I will have a little rest." I said that I thought it was a great plan, so I handed him his bag, helped him put it on, then watched as he immediately sat down on the footpath. And yawned!

Early Sunday morning, the boys went out to a field to fly the plane. I put on my running clothes, did my stretches, and headed outside for a jog. Unfortunately, that's as far as I got. I twisted my ankle and collapsed onto the dodgy, uneven, ankle-wrecking ground. I ended up staying there for quite a while, as I knew it wasn't broken or too badly sprained, the grass was cool and soft(ish), and I was going to be sore no matter where I was. It wasn't sooo bad, being forced to lie still on grass for a while on a Sunday morning. This is a picture of my view, while I 'took a break'.