Monday, January 6, 2014

goodbye, 2013

We (finally) arrived home mid-afternoon and began getting ready for our NYE party that evening! He had a great party, with lots of his little friends - including, excitingly, his best buddy who currently lives far away. For much of the evening, the kids invited themselves into our downstairs neighbours' place and made their own party there. He loved wandering up to the top of our hill to watch the fireworks, "I saw a light show!" and soon after we got back home he asked to go to bed. All tuckered out. Party animal!

The night really felt as if it had two distinct parts - the kiddie part and the later part (which were both just lovely). Highlights were spending time with old and new-ish friends, live Irish jig music (thanks to gorgeous and talented friends) with a bit of everybody-up heel and toe polka, friends' homemade tasty food (gazpacho, guacamole, muffins, quiche...), some improvisational singing about 2013 and our traditional New Years' resolution game at midnight (though - not for the first time - we missed the ACTUAL moment of midnight as we were engrossed in the game...)! Above are the resolutions I pulled out of the 'hat'.