Saturday, January 4, 2014

tow truck

1. He saw his Radelaide family.
2. He watched planes and funny trucks at the airport.
3. He flew on a big airplane.
4. His lovely friend picked us up.
5. He rode in a massive REAL TOW TRUCK!!!
6. He played on a playground while the tyre was being replaced.
7. He had lots of friends over for a party!


 I felt:
- A teeny bit scared when the tyre blew, since we were in the tunnel and couldn't get out of the car, and there were cars driving fast in our lane and past us.
- Impressed with the quick response from the tunnel fairies! Within a minute, our lane was blocked off, and there were announcements on the radio about an "incident" (that's us!). Then two big trucks arrived to rescue us and the corollacoaster.
- Totally excited to ride in the tow truck!

We were grateful that everything was okay, and grateful for the "Helping Man" (even though he didn't take us all the way home - just to the closest park so that little guy could play while they replaced the tyre.)