Saturday, January 11, 2014

coast weekend


It was the first time he's been really brave in the waves. And he is ALWAYS happy to dig in sand. He had beach time with his cousin (riding on a sand tractor together, above) one afternoon, and with a bunch of friends after breakfast out together another morning. He had another swim with other friends in the pool at their holiday unit. And he had a lot of fun playing with Auntie's toys, talking to her fish, and helping me water her plants.

Such a treat to spend the late afternoon hours watching the day end. 
I also had a gorgeous morning cruising the great Caloundra op shops with a friend. Partly because they were air-conditioned (and it was the HOTTEST DAY ON RECORD) and partly because of the loot I collected. 

While his Auntie was away, making use of the school holidays and cheap flights to NYC, we made good use of her unit at the coast and the fact that B had another week off work! And our perfect timing and impeccable organisation (luck) meant that we got to catch up with lots of friends who were also holidaying at Caloundra!