Sunday, January 12, 2014

street party

He thought it was very special to post invitations in letterboxes, but wasn't thrilled that he wasn't supposed to remove the candy canes first.

We've been meaning to do it for the past few Christmases - even bought candy canes to include with invitations a year ago, but never got around to actually making or delivering decorations. But we finally did it! Just before we went away for Christmas a few weeks ago, we did a letter-box drop of our immediate block/neighbourhood, with candy canes (new ones, not just the ones from a year ago, I swear...) attached, in the hopes that the sweets would entice people to actually read the note. It said: "We live in your neighbourhood. We love the area and would love to get to know our neighbours better." On the day, we (and our housemates) had chairs, snacks and drinks out and were placing bets about whether anyone would actually come along (see photo). We were pleasantly (very) surprised when people did wander into our back yard! I guess there were about 20 visitors (mostly people we didn't know), as well as 5 from our own household, and people stayed for hours! It makes living here even lovelier.