Saturday, December 21, 2013

thursday by the bay

 It was a very 'Him' outing: op shops, train rides, a doting friend with time to play and a magical, light-up, stamping, bubble pen...

It's usually called "Wynnum Wednesday", but we changed days this time, so obviously needed a new name. Once in a while, we catch the train out to Wynnum/the bay and meet friends for op-shopping and a cup of tea. If the weather's right, we can also incorporate some paddling! Highlights were hanging with 'East Side' friends, some excellent treasure (including a new toothbrush pot) and the buskers (pictured). I should have filmed them, they were playing the most beautiful Christmas music, and they really helped the day to feel festive! They started playing just as we started shopping, and were still going as we walked back to the train to head home.