Saturday, December 14, 2013



Justine Clark is definitely on his short-list of favourite music. It's pretty fun. He'll often request her album, and then just lie down to listen. Sometimes he plays with toys, dances or sings, or gets up close to the TV screen (it's just music, not a show, but he knows that this is the magic device which we play the music through) but usually he just listens.

We recently watched an Aussie TV show that she was in. One of the rare times we've watched live TV lately. It had potential and I liked what they were trying to do. Although we watched every episode of the first series, and our housemate always made sure to join us, I think her kids' music is better than the show!

It was a fairly surreal moment when we recently drove into the car park of Buranda shops and saw her standing outside Nandos with a few friends. Nandos, Buranda. Of all places! I don't have a picture for this, so I'm attaching a photo of our other kids in the sandpit (no reference to Nandos intended). Perhaps we should have named one of them Justine?