Sunday, December 15, 2013

2-week course


He did a heroic job of entertaining himself for an hour at the House Centre (Community House) each morning - drawing, eating breakfast, reading, going through mummy's bag, banging chairs, whispering to the course participants about one of his current fascinations ("Can I see your toothbrush?"), babyccino-ing, opening cupboards, greeting visitors...

The Community Orientation Course has just finished. Most of my work was done before the actual course began, but I still tried to be there regularly throughout the two weeks. I feel as though I was able to be a little more present this time (than last time) - spending an hour each morning with them for debriefing the previous day and briefing the present day, as well as some of the day and evening sessions and events. It was a lovely group of 10 individuals who were prepared to be challenged and inspired. It's such a privilege to be involved and I love getting to know the others who organise/run it (as well as those who attend). It's a big part of my life at the moment. My highlights were probably the small group sessions at the Artspace cafe around the corner. It's been a pretty busy 2 weeks.