Monday, December 16, 2013

bird names

Through books and real life he's been interested, for some time, in specific bird names, not content with calling things a generic 'bird'. Kookaburras are an obvious favourite, but he also loves to name noisy mynas, robins, toucans, ibis, turkeys, ducks, crows, penguins, grebes, fairy wrens, swans, cockatoos... 

On my morning walk/jog I sometimes see Gerald out exercising on the street, too. Though we've known each other for some years, we still just give each other polite nods and continue on our way. He used to hang out in our back yard regularly, though he hasn't visited in a while (possibly due to a rocky love/hate relationship with the chickens). We were excited for him when he first brought his lady, Geraldina, to visit, and (of course) baby Gerry a few months later. Gerry's all grown up now, but I'm not sure what he's up to in terms of vocation. 
Although we don't catch up like we used to, I still feel a warm, nostalgic fondness when I pass him on the street.