Monday, March 25, 2013

state library - upstairs!

We play at the Kids' Corner at the State Library a couple of times a week. Last week was the first time we'd ever checked out the smaller, quieter (until we arrived) kid space upstairs. I don't know what it was, in particular, but he ADORED it, I've honestly never seen him so comfortable anywhere but home. He laughed and sang and chatted and cuddled and explored. He's usually pretty happy and adaptable, but this was something else!
It could have been the magical combination of two of his very favourite things: bookshelves with in-built lights! Can you just imagine?!

There was quite a rush this morning. A Monday thing? 
Doors open at 10am. I headed over at a couple of minutes to, and found an anxious (but trying not to look anxious) crowd of library nerds with books and laptops, each trying to stand in that perfect place which is as close as humanly possible to the glass doors (opening in a minute and a half), but as far as possible from other humans. I wish I could have photographed it from above. Doors opened and the staff stood back, making themselves as wall-like as possible. We poured through the too-narrow opening and each made snap decisions about whether to take the stairs or the lift (I took a left, up the stairs). I knew exactly which spot I was headed for and was afraid (and certain) that every single other pair of shuffling shoes was heading there too. Luckily, as I traversed the corridors and spaces, each person in front of me veered through to a different section and I entered my favourite space (followed closely by a few others) FIRST!

Thank you, State Library, for such a gorgeous place to get some work done!